Product line description
Aluminum transit cases, rackmount cases, rolling cases, shipping and storage cases for Li-Ion batteries.

ZARGES is an 87-year-old company and protection is their mission. Engineered with high-strength aluminum alloy, their aluminum transit and rackmount cases offer reliable transport, efficient storage and protection from extreme environmental conditions and stresses.  ZARGES can customize cases with foam inserts and other accessories designed to meet your specific requirements. They are also UN certified for shipping hazardous materials like lithium-ion batteries in every stage of life, as well as UN-2814 certified for transporting biohazards and infectious substances.

ZARGES is manufacturer of IATA, 49CFR, and IMDG-compliant shipping and storage cases for Li Ion batteries in all stages of battery life.  Design methods allow for customized case sizing, as well as custom inner packaging configurations for a single battery, or compartments for several individual batteries.

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