PEM RT® Free-Running Locknut


Get superior vibration-resistant locking performance with PEM RT®.

Reduce assembly time and improve joint reliability in high-vibration environments with the PEM RT® Free-Running Locknut.

PEM RT® keeps frictional torque in place during vibration and delivers joint reliability – even in the harshest setting. The internal thread form has a 30° angle at the initial point of contact with the mating screw, unlike a 60° standard flank angle.

The unique thread form also offers easier assembly – with the mating screw spinning freely during the attachment process until clamp load is applied during the screw-tightening process. Compared with traditional locknuts, excellent joint clamp load remains consistent, regardless of how many on/off cycles.

Using the PEM RT® feature on PEM® self-clinching nuts provides the highest level of reliability and performance available on the market.

See Tech Sheet here.

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