V&F Transformer

Product line description
Custom single phase & 3-phase transformers, DC chokes, inductors, current-sensing and reactive magnetics, toroids, and fully enclosed thermal/power management assemblies.

At its core, V&F is an engineering focused, one stop shop for custom transformers, chokes, inductors, current-sensing and reactive magnetics ranging from PC Board Level, Switch Mode magnetics all the way up to 5mVA, 15 KV Class Transformers. We support our diverse product lines with engineering expertise, utilizing a sophisticated system of over 50 years of design and manufacturing data to quickly and efficiently design and develop solutions for our customers.

We generally turn fully designed quotations quickly. Our transformers and reactors are used in high reliability applications such as medical-grade UPS, Data Center PDU, Load Banks, and airfield power conversion – quality and distribution systems. Additional markets for V&F include low and medium voltage drives (various pulse and frequencies), alternative energy inverters, energy storage systems, as well as cutting edge building efficiency products such as HVAC controllers, IIOT sensors, food service equipment, and structure electrification for a myriad of industrial machines and test stands.

While we commonly list engineering as our greatest strength, a very close second is our flexibility, agility, and access to global assets that allow us to quickly and efficiently source and produce custom solutions, using the most cost effective materials and global production sites. This enables us to service the most challenging demand patterns.


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