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PEM RT® Free-Running Locknut

Get superior vibration-resistant locking performance with PEM RT®.

Reduce assembly time and improve joint reliability in high-vibration environments with the PEM RT® Free-Running Locknut.

PEM RT® keeps frictional torque in place during vibration and delivers joint reliability – even in the harshest setting. The internal thread form has a 30° angle at the initial point of contact with the mating screw, unlike a 60° standard flank angle.

MicroPEM Fastener - smaller, lighter


TackPin® and TackSert® micro-fasteners from microPEM®, a division of PEM and PennEngineering, are smaller, lighter, stronger and more reliable.

The world has changed dramatically since screws were invented more than 2000 years ago. Empires have come and gone. Mankind went to the moon. Philly cheesesteaks were invented.

Yet, open up any cutting-edge electronic device, from laptops to cell phones to credit card readers, and what are you likely to see? Screws.

There’s a better way: TackPin® and TackSert® fasteners from microPEM®, a division of PEM and PennEngineering.