Our manufacturers.

Check them out. You’ll be impressed by these top-notch manufacturers – and their quality products – represented by Blair. Questions? Give us a call.


Industrial hardware, swing handles, quarter turns, hinges and hardware for aluminum profiles


Custom heating elements: etched foil, silicone rubber, polyester, thick film, cartridge, ptc, mica


Micro RF and coaxial connectors, board-to-board connectors, FPC/FFC connectors including ZIFs and LIFs

Mitas Electronics

Microcoaxial cable assemblies for electronic LCD panels


PEM® brand self-clinching fasteners and custom fastening. Inserts for plastics and blind threaded inserts. Fastener installation equipment

PHD Energy

Premium battery solutions

PIC Design

Gears, belts, pulleys, sprockets and other precision mechanical components

Portage Electric

Thermostats and thermal controls

Powertip Technology Corporation

LCD and TFT Displays, PCAP touch screens

PSC Thermal Solutions

Air moving solutions including ECAC backward curved impellers, blowers and axial fans. Cooling solutions including heat sinks, fan sinks and heat pipe assemblies


Friction hinges, constant torque hinges, slip clutches and monitor mounts

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