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1.5 mm height

- Dedicated high-profile design that promotes high-retention using a distinct click action - Metal hold-down to support strength and to prevent half-mated condition. - Space on bottom of connector for PCB trace with optional visual mating

Flexible Circuits Technologies takes pride in creating solutions for many of our clients challenges. Here are just a few examples: North American Electronics Manufacturing Company - Medical Device Application: Medical Light Wand Opportunity: FCT was provided with a small, relatively simple, prototype design for a lighting instrument. In utilizing the customer’s design the initial prototypes were not fully satisfactory and we were challenged to meet the desired application requirements. Additionally, beyond the design challenge there were manufacturing and assembly challenges that had to be addressed in order to successfully provide a product that would meet the customer requirements.
New microPEM® MSOFS™ flaring standoffs from PennEngineering® provide ideal miniature fastener solutions to attach and/or space components in compact electronic assemblies. They install permanently in thin panels of any hardness and material, including stainless steel, other metals, plastics, and printed circuit boards. A unique flaring feature adds value by allowing for installation into multiple panels.


Benefits of the Fath Ergosafe Swing Handle:
  • Fits into existing 25mm x 150mm and 25mm x 50mm x 50mm x 50mm
  • Security features of the ErgoSafe include the traditional protection of a Telco style tool lock, the added protection of a padlock and a third layer of vandal resistant technology unique to the industry (patent pending)
  • Certified to Telcordia GR 487 Issue 2 R3-91[197] torque test and R3-260[165] Salt Fog test and IP65
  • New Ergonomic Comfort Grip