Product line description
Micro RF and coaxial connectors, board-to-board connectors, FPC/FFC connectors including ZIFs and LIFs.

Perfection in Precision manufacturing technologies provide the foundation for high-data-rate and high-frequency solutions that feature very small, high -performance connectors.

I-PEX® MHF® Micro-Coaxial RF Connectors are used to connect antennas to radios and for testing radios while maximizing performance within minimal space. The patented i-Fit® process equals reliability at scale and consistent VSWR performance up to 15 GHz.

Micro-Coaxial Connectors I-PEX® CABLINE® and FPL® Micro-Coaxial Cable Connectors are capable of handling high data rates such as USB® 3.1, ThunderboltTM3, eDP HBR3, PCIe® Gen 3/4 and more. These connectors are ideal for connecting displays, camera modules, storage devices and other applications.

I-PEX® NOVASTACK® Board-to-Board FPC Connectors are available in a 0.4 mm and 0.35 mm pitch with options for power pins and high visibility mating. These connectors have a high-data-rate option with 360 degree EMI shielding, making them ideal for USB 3.1, Thunderbolt3 and eDP HBR3 applications.

I-PEX® MINIFLEX FPC/FFC Connectors, commonly referred to as ZIFs or LIFs, offer very low cost options with pin pitch ranges from 0.5 mm down to one of the world’s smallest of 0.175 mm..

I-PEX® EVAFLEX® FPC/FFC Connectors have an auto-locking feature that makes them more robust and durable than traditional FPC/FFC Connectors.NOVASTACK Series board to board connectors are available in .4mm and .35mm pitch with options for power pins, EMI shielding and capable of data rates up to 10 Gbps.

I-PEX® MINIDOCK Board-to-Board Docking Connectors provide a rugged, secure and reliable docking solution for portable medical and industrial devices. These high-pin-count I/O connectors feature die cast housings and large tapered guide pins to insure reliable mating up to 5,000 mating cycles.


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