Grimm Brothers

Product line description
Custom thermoplastic processor.

As one of the leading plastic thermoforming companies, Grimm Brothers offers high quality, cost-efficient alternatives to traditional injection molding.

With thermoforming, it is possible to avoid the substantial startup costs and extended time to market associated with injection molding. Many design features and specifications associated with injection molding, such as sharp detail and close tolerances are now possible in high or low volume runs with the Grimm Brothers technically-advanced thermoform processes.

Whether high-tech medical device housings, rugged heavy equipment parts, or any one of countless other thermoforming applications.

Grimm Brothers offers a full range of thermoforming techniques, trimming and secondary operations, as well as world-class design, engineering and production skills.To better fulfill customer requirements, Grimm Brothers has recently expanded to include injection molding capabilities to its list of thermoplastics manufacturing operations.


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