Flexible Circuit Technologies

Product line description
Global supplier of flexible circuits, rigid flex, flexible heaters, & flat flex

Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) offers a broad range of Flexible Printed Circuits, Rigid Flexible Circuits, Flexible Heaters, Flat Flexes, and Membrane Switches. From simple to complex, from small to large volume, FCT has designed and produced millions of circuits to meet customer needs across all of the industries that we support.

Flexible Circuit Technologies’ (FCT’s) business model is a true differentiator. Our USA based Application Engineers and CAD team offer above 250 years of expertise that leads to COST SAVING designs for our customers. FCT offers attentive customer support from design, through prototyping, to production and our Asia based production facilities allow us to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

Flexible Circuit Technologies is well equipped to meet your needs; from providing you with bare flexible circuits, to sub-assemblies, to complete box builds and can support you in finding other partners that can address additional needs that you may have.


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