Flexible Circuits Technologies takes pride in creating solutions for many of our clients challenges. Here are just a few examples:

North American Electronics Manufacturing Company – Medical Device
Application: Medical Light Wand

Opportunity: FCT was provided with a small, relatively simple, prototype design for a lighting instrument. In utilizing the customer’s design the initial prototypes were not fully satisfactory and we were challenged to meet the desired application requirements. Additionally, beyond the design challenge there were manufacturing and assembly challenges that had to be addressed in order to successfully provide a product that would meet the customer requirements.

Solution: FCT was asked to provide design input in order to optimize the solution and performance. Our suggested changes were made, and prototypes were built. Additionally, FCT’s manufacturing and assembly team worked through the fabrication and assembly challenges. A particularly difficult challenge had to do with fabrication. We needed to hand-place a very small rectangle (less than 1/10th of an inch square) of thick heat transfer tape onto a very exact footprint assuring adhesion to the flex. These issues were successfully worked through to success in the prototype stage.

Result: FCT and the customer moved onto production and the customer recently commented that “the last shipment of flex assemblies have been working well and quality seems good. We are currently finishing up our final build with the remaining circuits. The future is looking very promising with increased volumes already reques ted for next year. We will be looking at 15-20K LED’s next year which is great considering it’s our second year in production. Thank you [FCT] very much for your continued help in the development of the project.”

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